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Lewis Transcontinental™ offers guaranteed safe delivery using state-of-the-art tracking technologies, team truck drivers and robust safety protocols


Transcontinental Logistics Solutions

Lewis Transcontinental is a top flatbed trucking company in Georgia, featuring team truck drivers and specializing in the safe shipping of heavy loads via road and rail across the U.S. from anywhere your shipment is to anywhere it needs to go…

Lewis Transcontinental trucking fleet in Elberton GA

Ground Freight Services

Licensed Class A commercial truckers with proven safety records. Well-maintained semis and heavy-load haulers. Safe handling of heavy and dangerous freight, we are a premier flatbed carrier. Truck terminal cranes safely lift granite blocks for monument builders. Electronic sensor technologies enable real-time tracking. Together, they deliver every shipment safely and securely.

Lewis Transcontinental provides rail freight services

Rail Freight Services

Modern, reliable and safe rail transportation for long hauls and heavy loads. Port consolidations and freight forwarding options. Inland inbound railroad spurs. Electronic tracking of individual loads means lower insurance costs and safe delivery of every shipment. Together, they deliver efficiency, flexibility, and cost control.

Why Ship With Us

Our team of logistics experts, professional office staff, and commercially licensed safe drivers are vital parts of every logistics solution. Together, we move your freight safely and on schedule. We have built a forward-thinking company on a mission to deliver the best.

Logistics Services

Safety First is how we roll, from bulk and item transport by truck, flatbed and rail, to port consolidation pick-ups and freight forwarding. From long-haul and heavy load services to logistics consulting services. We think outside the boxcar to create flexible logistics solutions for every customer.


Safe, complete shipments and reliable transportation are important but hard to find, especially with COVID disruptions. Our TrueTrack electronic tagging and tracking system combines Knecto and Samsara technologies to monitor your shipment from origin to destination, guaranteed.

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Lewis Transcontinental provides container unloading services
Lewis Transcontinental serves the Elberton granite quarry
Lewis Transcontinental provides covered and open storage options

Lewis Transcontinental, Your Logistics Partner

Lewis Transcontinental is the foremost provider of transportation, logistics, and supply chain services in the granite and monument industry in the southeastern U.S., with expansion plans for the continental U.S.

Together with our team truck drivers, we move granite, heavy freight, dangerous loads, and other product as your flatbed carrier of choice, electronically tracking it throughout its lifecycle—from quarry or plant, through transport, to commercial end-user delivery.

Service Areas

We serve the southeastern U.S. safely by road and rail while continuing to expand across the continent.

One of our primary service areas in the southeast is Elberton, Georgia, where 45 quarries produce more granite monuments than any other region on earth. Geologists estimate the Elberton deposit to be 35 miles long, 6 miles wide, and 2 to 3 miles deep.

Elberton granite has been used to create millions of cemetery markers, mausoleums, statues, and fountains, including the stunning World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C. Elberton granite is preferred by monument builders throughout America, and Lewis Transcontinental is proud to help move it from quarry to builder, safely and efficiently.