We’re excited to share our recent article in The Elberton Granite Association Summer Graniteer 2023 issue!

The granite industry in Elberton is so familiar to the community that many take it for granted. However, there’s a need to change the community’s mindset regarding the granite industry. Instead of viewing it as a backup plan, the community should see it as a desirable, dependable, profitable, and varied industry.

Several educators, including Kelly Gary, Deana Crook, Sarah Fuller from ECCHS, and Tia Wood from ECMS, have provided statements. They emphasized the importance of problem-solving, teamwork, and the multifaceted nature of jobs like shipping, which involves storage, loading, unloading, data entry, organization, and teamwork.

In June, a group of teachers from Elbert County collaborated to shadow companies in the Elberton area for the Elbert County Workforce Development Summer Externship Program. Two companies that participated were Lewis Transcontinental and Matthews Granite.

Sarah Fuller and Deana Crook were assigned to Lewis Transcontinental, where they learned about the tasks involved in running a trucking company.

Meanwhile, Kelly Gary and Tia Wood were assigned to Matthews Granite, where they were introduced to monument manufacturing.

After spending a week with these companies, the teachers will develop lesson plans for their upcoming classes about entering the workforce.

These lessons will cover topics like workplace safety, organizational skills, OSHA guidelines, and more. The goal is to prepare students to become relevant and prepared employees in the workforce.